Sports picks from the pros…but only when we ALL agree!

The winning wagers company is made up of three professional handicappers who have created their own individual success. They are MyDailyWager, 25Legs, and one handicapper who chooses to remain anonymous. Every day they release VIP cards to their own clients.

Now, as a collaborative team they will release picks they all agree on.  Each day these high-performance handicappers will release one or more picks qualifying as Winning Wagers. There will not be a unit assigned to the plays. They are all considered top plays and should be played according to your bankroll management as max plays.

The Winning Wagers Packages


Get today's Winning Wager



Get 7 days of Winning Wagers



Get a month of Winning Wagers



Get 3 months of Winning Wagers



Get a year of Winning Wagers


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